Simone SPRIO

Simone Sprio is Senior Investigator at the Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics, National Research Council of Italy. Master Degree in Physics and Ph.D. in Chemistry, Simone is Project LeadSimoneer in the Research Group of Bioceramics and Bio-hybrid Composites and has nearly 20 years of experience in Material Science addressed to the development of advanced ceramics, with particular focus on biomaterials for bone regeneration. In particular, Simone has wide and long-lasting experience in advanced synthesis/consolidation methods for the development of advanced bioceramics, and in the study of chemico-physical and microstructural phenomena occurring during ceramic phase transformation in various environments. Author of about 80 scientific papers and 5 international patents, and editor of a book on recent advances in development of bio-inspired devices for regenerative medicine, Simone leads research projects dedicated to the development of porous bioactive ceramics for bone regeneration in orthopaedics, spinal, maxillofacial and cranial surgery.

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