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With its innovative bone substitute, GreenBone is well on its way to becoming a worldwide leader in bone regeneration.
GreenBone is a leading bone regeneration company founded in 2014 (Faenza, Italy) addressing high unmet medical needs in the field of orthopaedics and bone diseases. GreenBone raised 11,4 €/ML (≈13 $/ML) investment since beginning 2015 in two rounds: Helsinn Investment Fund, Innogest SGR, Invitalia Venture, Meta Venture and Italian Angels for Growth (IAG) as main investors.

Patients with large bone damage greater than 1-2 cm have limited treatment options with transplant replacement bone from another part of the body as the far best solution. There is a high social and economic cost as patients often undergo multiple surgeries with long recovery times, and limb amputations are not uncommon. Our product is based on a unique, proprietary technology leading to a highly innovative bone substitute, suitable for the treatment of large bone damage, caused by traumatic injury, non-union or surgically induced bone defects in non-loaded and load-bearing bones. GreenBone is able to repair large bone defects, enabling patients a faster return to normal life with their own bone completely regenerated with an expected significant reduction oh health care and social costs. Future development will be in bone infection, bone cancer, spine fusion and other applications.

GreenBone first patent WO 2012/063201 has been already granted in many countries. The second patent WO 2017/021894 has been granted in Europe and extended in other territories. The idea was conceived and developed by a research group at ISTEC-CNR in Faenza (Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics – National Research Council) led by Dr. Anna Tampieri. We collaborate very closely with ISTEC-CNR, universities and hospitals.

GreenBone is led by a world-class team that has advanced multiple products from bench-to-market.
1Our Vision
To develop and market pioneering solutions to cure or improve all traumatic, chronic and degenerative conditions affecting bone.
2Our Mission
GreenBone Ortho aims to be a leading bone regenerative company providing innovative, cost-effective and easy to use solutions inspired by nature, which will help cure severe diseases with high unmet medical needs in the fields of orthopedics and bone diseases.
3Quality Policy
GreenBone Ortho's Quality Policy can be summarized as follows:

GreenBone Ortho is committed to its vision and mission by developing safe and effective solutions for bone regenerations with a global approach. GreenBone Ortho will conduct its business with the highest quality standards. GreenBone Ortho has implemented its Quality System taking into consideration customers’ needs and international regulatory standards.

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GreenBoneTM Bone Substitute received CE mark approval