GreenBone announces its partnership with Clinica Mobile

GreenBone Ortho SpA announces its worldwide partnership with Clinica Mobile for the 2021 season.

Clinica Mobile is the medical and physiotherapy group of the MotoGP and Superbike World Championship, operating for over 40 years and with a fundamental role in the safety and medical assistance of riders. It bases its reason for being on the need to support athletes during races, as motorcyclists and MotoGP or Superbike racing fans worldwide well known.

The partnership between Clinica Mobile and GreenBone Ortho stems from a convergence of innovative vision with regard to problems arising from traumas that seriously affect patients and a passion for motorsport.

Lorenzo Pradella (CEO of GreenBone Ortho): We are thrilled to be working with Clinica Mobile and enter the fascinating world of motorsport […] Michele Zasa (Medical Director of Clinica Mobile): GreenBone Ortho is a young and innovative Italian company that is attracting lots of international attention. […] Considering the similarities, we are particularly enthusiastic about this partnership and hope to be able to work alongside GreenBone Ortho on its international development”.

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